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How would YOU answer these questions? | 24 Zappos interview questions

How would YOU answer these questions? 

"If you had to buy Tony shots, what kind of shot would you buy him?"
-I'd buy what I like. If he wouldn't like it, I can drink it. A nice sweet fresh smoothy 

"How would you design a spice rack for a blind person?"
-Ask a blind person how he works and let her or him design it by telling me

"What's one of the last times that you embarrassed yourself to draw attention to yourself?"
-do it all the time to enjoy the people I love
-made a practical joke to make my kids laugh, I acted as if I flew out the back door, pretending I couldn't stop for the oven to get the croissants; but I made a mistake, tripped and literally fell out the back door... kids were laughing so hard, they both had to run for the bathroom 
-made a salto on the trampoline to playfully show off for my kids. Hurt my back 'cause I landed wrongly but played along. Then they jumped on top of me in laughter

"What is your favorite curse word? Use it in a sentence about your last job."
-fucking lame bunch of basterds, get a life, you 're dying in here

"If you had to plan a parade, what would be the theme?"
-happy music which I wrote and people can dance to

"If you were an animal, which one would you be?"
-eagle, I like flying in my dreams... yeah, definitely eagle

"What's something you've always wanted to do but haven't? After you answer: Why haven't you done it?"
-fly like the way I dream - cause it was a dream and frankly that's good enough for me

"Name two ways to use a brick that don't involve labor."
-freeze it in and see if the color changes; put it on my back to scratch for an idge / itge (jeuk)

"Can you sell me this Blackberry over this iPhone?"
-no, I hate both, I 'd probably anti-sell it, you know, try it out wrongly or use it as a hammer of lick it like icecream... you get the picture

"If you could be doing anything in the world and money didn't matter, what would it be?"
-give it all away and help or entertain people, which is exactly as I do now

"If you could be a super hero, what would you be and why?"
-I 'd be an invincible megaphone on wings to tell people who dare not put away their fear for life how they prevent themselves

"If you were given $500 to plan a company event what would it be and why?"
-a quiz like Ren Je Rot (Run Like Hell) with all kinds of silly questions about things that matter in daily life with fun multiple answers

"How weird are you on a scale of 1 to 10?"
-easily eleven, but all in words, not deeds, I'm an entertainer both in words and in practical jokes

"Would you dress up at work if given the chance?"
-don't ask me - watch me. I got a Monk's rope somewhere - to go naked underneath, and when it 's hot, a sleeveless shirt in apple green with white outdoor pants is my favorite

"If you were a dessert, what would you be?"
-tira mi su (pull's ya up after diner). It's italian and deliciously sweet and it's got chocolate

"If your life were a movie, what would the trailer be like?"
-exciting; "feel life"; heart first, then the mind; good music, arousing, easily to dance to; it's all about feeling

"What types of advantages does having a headquarters in Vegas give a company?"
-none. It's all desert all about. Maybe to build some sand castles there, dunno. Never been there. Never will be. Fuck it. Come over to Amsterdam and get us a satellite firm here! I'll bike to get there!

"What question were you expecting us to ask that we didn’t?"
-Do you like to go naked? In your spare time, like in-between break hours? We have a huge sun spoiled garden for breaking hours. Would you be comfy with that?
-Yes I would. I like to get a natural all body sun tan and a grasp of fresh air in the midst of day, for an hour at least, to recover from stupid work issues and reflect on things that really matter

"Which one of our 'core values' would be most difficult for you to uphold?"
-don't know any, please tell me. If it contains sustainability, you better make it "durable" as in "lasting" and "maintainable"

"Describe a time when you had to break the rule to get the job done."
-I sent a big pie of whipped cream (=huge cake) telling them "We had a great job interview, thanks for that". 
Here is the catch: I asked for a piece of the pie, lateron. And I got it. Both. (the job and more pie than I could eat)

"If your life had a theme song, what would it be?"
-I got one, popped up last month! Here it is:

"What is something weird that makes you happy?"
-Jump into bed enjoying the anticipation of great dreams, filling me with so much joy that I immediately start to laugh and move like 

"If a parade starts behind you while you are on the phone with a vendor how do you handle it?"
-"Come on over and join me, the party is on!"

"What would your autobiography be titled?"
-I got two, actually: 
"Dairy of a stranger" ("Dagboek van een vreemdeling") and
"Who am I to doubt myself" ("Wie ben ik om aan mezelf te twijfelen")
[well.. here it is -]

About this Zappos interview

"Everything we've ever heard about Zappos, the Las Vegas-based e-commerce company, makes it sound like a fun place to work. 

"Its CEO, Tony Hsieh, has created an eccentric company culture where it wouldn't be out-of-the-ordinary to find a guy in a hot-dog suit doing back flips down the hall or all the employees in the office dressed up for Tutu Tuesdays. 

"Sound good? Before you get in, you've got to ace the interview."


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